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CATDOLL MISS Q Asian Tone, 108cm Cute Doll Half Evo


CATDOLL MISS Q Asian Tone, 108cm Cute Doll Half Evo

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Catdoll Miss Q Asian Tone, 108cm Cute Doll Half Evo

Piction taken by customer.

EX Doll Special 123]


胸围( Breat ):49cm

[ 123]

Waist (WAIST): 46cm hip circumference (HIP): 58cm

feet length: 17cm

Package size: 100* 33*22cm

Packing Weight: 18kg

108cm doll is too small to use full evo has evo knees.

It has no hinged next, no evo shoulders, no size-boxing wait

and no evo wrist. ] Special Line to USA, (10-15Days for Delivery. Most Dolls Will Be Shipped to Warehouse in Ca or in OTHER States after Clerance. Then ups Will pick the CUSTOM ISSUE and FREE TAX. Special Lineto Eu. (10 10-15Days for Delivery.our Shipping Company Will Do Cleaarence and Send to Warehouse .no Custom Issue and Free Tax.123]

A DRESS, An Extra Wig, a Wig Comb, a Hook, A DRYING ROD, a Pair of Glove and Small Outfits for Gifts.

Payment met]

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in case youCannot do this, we also accept western union and banksfer, please just contact us. ] More nude picture and video, PLS Email US.

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